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Will Bikram Yoga Survive?

A quiet turmoil surrounds the Bikram Yoga community in the aftermath of several lawsuits filed this spring that accuse Bikram founder Bikram Choudhury of sexual harassment and rape. But while most of the discussion is taking place behind the scenes, there are a handful of teachers and studio owners who are publicly separating lululemon outlet from the Bikram name.

Stephanie Dixon, owner of the former Bikram Yoga Summerlin in Las Vegas, recently changed the studio’s name to Summerlin Yoga and is in the process of phasing out Bikram Lululemon yoga classes from her class schedule.

“I don’t condone that type of behavior, and it’s not what I want to represent,” Dixon told Buzz, noting that such a change was a big risk for her business. Choudhury was accused of rape, Lululemon sale sexual battery, false imprisonment, discrimination, harassment, and other counts in lawsuits filed against him in May. Two months earlier, former Bikram student Sarah Baughn, filed a similar lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and sexual assault. All three lawsuits were filed in Superior Court in Los Angeles.

After making the programming change in response to the Baughn lawsuit, Dixon noticed a drop in studio attendance, but says it’s climbing again because a wider variety of classes is pulling in a lululemon canada more diverse group of students.

The fear of losing their livelihood could be at the lululemon outlet online heart of why few studio owners or other members of the Bikram community have chosen to come forward to talk about the allegations publicly, Dixon said, noting that several Bikram studio owners across the country have contacted her and asked for advice about discount lululemon transitioning away from Bikram Yoga.

Mark Balfe-Taylor, a former Bikram teacher who helped another Las Vegas studio, Bikram Yoga Southwest, transition out of the Bikram tradition in 2008, is helping Dixon revamp her business model. “If you’ve invested in a Bikram studio, you’re trained in one style, in one methodology, and therefore [if you want to leave the Bikram Lululemon tradition], all of your teachers are left jobless, not able to work elsewhere, and are in a situation where they have to get other training,” Balfe-Taylor said. “It’s not a cheap investment, so these people are left high and dry lululemon sale online .”