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Commonwealth Ports Authority

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Master Concession:

September 21, 2017 Intent to File Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Applications
December 2, 2015: CPA CJMT Agency Position Paper
September 16, 2014: CPA Leasing Report
August 18, 2014: Ad-hoc Committee Report
June 12, 2014: DFS SMCA Renewal
May 13, 2014: Informational Report on CPA Master Concession
April 7, 2014 Master Concession Appointment - New Chairperson
January 7, 2014: Committee on CPA's Master Concession (supercedes December 16, 2013 Memorandum)
December 16, 2013: Committee on CPA's Master Concession
April 3, 2012 Sucessive Master Concession Amendment
October 1, 1999: Advertising Concession Agreement
August 8, 1997: Successive Master Concession Agreement
July 18, 1996: Sub-Concession Agreement
May 1, 1996: Agreement to Enter into Sub Concession Agreements


September 29, 2009: American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Notice Of Improvements;
More information at:
August 12, 2009: Revised Parking Notice
February 13, 2009: Three Year Use of PFC Revenue to Pay for Debt Service for Non Eligible Projects